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N'oats Cereal is a specially formulated, OAT FREE,  antioxidant packed cereal line that is specifically geared towards a healthy lifestyle.

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All of the nutrition

with none of the restrictions!


A delicious, nutritious snack or meal  |  Locally made near Guelph, ON

I'm Janice Hunter, Guelph Mom of four adopted children, and I invented N'oats Goji Cocao out of necessity.  My children, one of whom is severely autistic, have many dietary restrictions imposed by a naturopath. To cure their various ailments my family is gluten-free, oat free, refined sugar-free, grain and lactose-free. 


I searched and have read hundreds of cereal labels in an attempt to find a delicious breakfast food that could simplify my life and be an easy before school option WITHOUT the OATS! I really wanted to enjoy breakfast with my family without having to spend hours every morning preparing food.


With the help of my little taste-testers, we finally found a recipe that satisfied our naturopath, the mom in me, and got the thumbs up from them. Since then, I've been working diligently to bring this product to the public so other families can enjoy a more simplified life.


As a mom, I focused on my family's specific needs but also discovered that this cereal worked for many other dietary restrictions and lifestyles as well. Rarely can you find convenience and antioxidant-rich in the same sentence, let alone the same bag.

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